Astrology is a pseudoscience that studies the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their supposed influence on human behavior and terrestrial events. As a hobby, it involves learning about the zodiac, birth charts, and horoscopes. Practitioners often study the correlation between celestial occurrences and individuals’ behaviors or life events. It requires a keen interest in astronomy and a strong understanding of various astrological theories and concepts.


Astrological Education and Research

Focuses on the academic study and teaching of astrology. This includes attending astrology workshops, courses, and conferences, as well as engaging in research to contribute to the field. Enthusiasts may also write articles or books on astrological topics.


Electional Astrology

Involves selecting the most astrologically auspicious time to start a new venture, such as a business, marriage, or travel. Enthusiasts study planetary positions and aspects to choose the best time for important events.


Horary Astrology

Centers on answering specific questions by creating and interpreting a chart for the moment a question is asked. This ancient practice is used for making decisions or finding lost objects. Enthusiasts learn specific rules and techniques to interpret these charts accurately.


Mundane Astrology

This is the study of astrological influences on world events and larger social trends. It includes predicting and analyzing events in areas such as politics, economics, and natural disasters. Enthusiasts might focus on historical astrological cycles or current planetary transits.


Natal Chart Interpretation

Focuses on creating and interpreting individual birth charts, which map the position of the planets at the time of one's birth. This practice is used to gain insights into personality traits, potential life paths, and personal challenges. Enthusiasts may study various aspects and houses in a chart, and often consult with or become professional astrologers.


Synastry and Relationship Astrology

Involves comparing the astrological charts of two or more individuals to assess relationship dynamics. This sub-category is popular for understanding romantic, business, or familial relationships. Enthusiasts learn about inter-chart aspects, composite charts, and the use of astrology in relationship counseling.


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