Travel is a hobby that involves exploring different locations, whether they’re near or far. This could involve visiting different countries and experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and environments. It could also involve exploring the natural world, such as hiking in national parks or going on wildlife safaris. Some people travel as a form of leisure, to relax and get away from their daily routines, while others travel for the purpose of learning and gaining new experiences.


Adventure Travel

This sub-category is for those who seek thrilling and adventurous experiences while traveling. It includes activities like hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, and extreme sports in different locations. Adventure travel is ideal for those who want to challenge themselves physically and mentally, while exploring the less-trodden paths and immersing in nature.


Cultural Tourism

Focused on exploring the cultural aspects of different places, this sub-category includes visiting historical sites, museums, art galleries, and cultural landmarks. It's perfect for travelers interested in learning about the history, art, and traditions of the places they visit, offering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.



This sub-category emphasizes responsible travel to natural areas, conserving the environment, and improving the well-being of local people. Activities include wildlife safaris, bird watching, and visiting conservation projects. Eco-tourism is ideal for those who are environmentally conscious and want to have a positive impact on the places they visit.


Educational Travel

This sub-category is focused on gaining knowledge through travel, including language immersion programs, study abroad opportunities, and educational tours. It's ideal for those who seek to combine the excitement of travel with the pursuit of learning.


Food Tourism

Involves traveling with the primary goal of experiencing the food of a particular region or culture. This can include food festivals, local cooking classes, winery tours, and visiting renowned restaurants. Food tourism is perfect for culinary enthusiasts eager to explore new flavors and culinary techniques.


Volunteer Travel

Combining travel with volunteering, this sub-category includes participating in community service or conservation efforts in different parts of the world. It's a way to contribute positively to global communities while experiencing new cultures and places.


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