Activities involving the care, training, or enjoyment of pets and other animals, including dog training, bird watching, or horseback riding.


Aquarium Keeping

This sub-category is about maintaining an aquarium, which can range from freshwater to saltwater setups, including fish, plants, and coral reefs. Hobbyists in this field enjoy creating a thriving underwater ecosystem, understanding the complex balance of aquatic life, and the aesthetic pleasure of a well-maintained tank.


Bird Watching

Bird watching, or birding, is observing and identifying different bird species in their natural habitat. This hobby encourages outdoor activities, enhances knowledge about bird behavior and habitats, and often involves travel to diverse locations to spot rare or specific bird species.



Breeding pets involves understanding genetics, health, and the specific needs of a species to produce healthy and well-tempered offspring. This hobby is often pursued by those passionate about preserving and improving pet breeds, ensuring the health and longevity of the breed, and sometimes participating in breeding shows.


Equestrian Activities

This includes a range of activities related to horses, such as horseback riding, dressage, and show jumping. Enthusiasts appreciate the bond formed with horses, the skill and training involved in equestrian sports, and often enjoy the outdoor, physical nature of these activities.


Exotic Pet Care

This involves keeping and caring for non-traditional pets such as reptiles, amphibians, or unusual mammal species. Enthusiasts learn specialized knowledge about the specific needs, behaviors, and habitats of these unique animals, often creating specialized environments for their care.


Rescue & Welfare

This sub-category focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and general welfare of animals. Participants may volunteer at shelters, foster pets in need, or engage in advocacy for animal rights. This hobby is driven by a passion for improving the lives of animals and often involves community engagement and education.



This sub-category involves teaching pets various behaviors or skills, ranging from basic obedience to advanced tricks. Enthusiasts often engage in this activity to strengthen the bond with their pets, improve pets' behavior, and ensure their well-being. It can include dog training, clicker training for birds, or even agility training for cats.


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