Activities related to the armed forces or military history, including collecting military memorabilia, participating in reenactments, or studying military strategy.



Military collecting involves acquiring and preserving military memorabilia, such as uniforms, medals, weaponry, and artifacts from different eras. Enthusiasts in this field are often passionate about preserving history, researching the origins and stories behind the items, and showcasing their collections in private or public displays.


Historical Study

This sub-category is for those who are deeply interested in military history, including studying wars, battles, strategies, and historical figures. It involves reading books, watching documentaries, attending lectures, and participating in discussions. This hobby appeals to enthusiasts who are passionate about understanding the evolution of military tactics, technology, and the impact of military events on global history.


Military Simulation

This sub-category covers activities that simulate military operations, which can range from airsoft and paintball battles to more sophisticated virtual reality simulations. Participants often engage in team-based scenarios that mimic real military tactics and strategies, offering a blend of physical activity and strategic thinking.



This sub-category involves participating in or observing recreations of historical military events. Participants often wear period uniforms, use authentic gear, and follow historical battle tactics to simulate famous battles or military campaigns. This hobby allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in history, understand the life of soldiers, and appreciate historical events' significance.



Enthusiasts in this area focus on restoring old military equipment, vehicles, or artifacts to their original condition. This can involve detailed research, mechanical work, and sometimes historical reconstitution. It appeals to those who have a passion for mechanics, history, and the preservation of military heritage.


Strategy Games

This includes board games, computer games, or tabletop simulations focused on military strategy. Players engage in scenarios that simulate historical or hypothetical conflicts, requiring strategic thinking, planning, and a deep understanding of military tactics. This hobby appeals to those interested in the art of warfare, decision-making under pressure, and historical military scenarios.


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