“Gourmandize” is a French term that refers to an appreciative or uninhibited enjoyment of good food and drink. It can be associated with indulgence in fine dining, and a deep appreciation of food quality, presentation, and taste.



Focused on the craft of baking, this includes making bread, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. Baking enthusiasts often experiment with different flavors and decorations, and may engage in activities like attending baking workshops, participating in baking contests, or exploring the science of baking.


Cheese Tasting

This sub-category focuses on the appreciation and understanding of various types of cheese. Enthusiasts explore different cheese-making techniques, textures, and flavors. Activities may include visiting cheese farms, attending cheese tasting events, and learning to pair cheeses with wines and other foods.


Chocolate Tasting

Involves exploring the rich and diverse world of chocolate. This includes learning about different types of cocoa, chocolate making processes, and flavor profiles. Chocolate enthusiasts might participate in chocolate making workshops, attend chocolate tasting events, and explore the pairing of chocolate with other foods and drinks.


Coffee Tasting

Involves exploring the world of coffee, including different brewing methods, bean origins, and roast types. Coffee enthusiasts might engage in activities like barista workshops, visiting coffee plantations, and participating in cupping sessions to appreciate the nuances in coffee flavors and aromas.



This sub-category is centered around the art of preparing and cooking food. It includes experimenting with recipes, learning various cooking techniques, and exploring different cuisines from around the world. Enthusiasts may attend cooking classes, participate in cooking challenges, or create their own recipe blogs or vlogs.


Craft Beer Tasting

Focused on the appreciation of craft beers, including ales, lagers, stouts, and more. Enthusiasts learn about brewing techniques, beer styles, and flavor profiles. Activities may include brewery tours, beer tasting events, and learning about the history and culture of beer making.


Culinary Travel

Combines the love of food with the joy of travel. This sub-category is about exploring regional cuisines, street food, and local culinary traditions around the world. Culinary travelers often plan trips around food festivals, cooking classes, or unique dining experiences in different countries.


Food Critiquing

Involves evaluating and reviewing food and dining experiences. This can include visiting different restaurants, writing food blogs or reviews, and understanding culinary trends. Enthusiasts often have a keen sense of taste and a deep appreciation for culinary arts, and they may also learn about food presentation and service standards.


Herb and Spice Tasting

This unique category involves exploring the world of herbs and spices. Enthusiasts learn about different herbs and spices, their culinary uses, and health benefits. Activities can include herb garden tours, spice blending workshops, and cooking classes focusing on the use of specific herbs and spices.


Tea Tasting

This sub-category is centered around the appreciation of tea, ranging from traditional teas to exotic blends. Tea enthusiasts learn about different tea cultures, brewing techniques, and the history of tea. They may attend tea tasting events, visit tea plantations, and explore the health benefits and cultural significance of various teas.


Wine Tasting

This sub-category involves the appreciation and understanding of wines. It includes activities like visiting vineyards, learning about wine making processes, and participating in wine tasting events to discern different flavors and aromas. Wine enthusiasts might also collect wines or join wine clubs to explore various regions and vintages.


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