The hobby of gathering collections of objects, such as stamps, coins, art, or antiques, based on themes of interest.


Art and Antiques

Centers on the collection of art pieces and antiques. This broad category includes paintings, sculptures, vintage furniture, and historical artifacts. Collectors often develop expertise in specific periods or styles, visit auctions and galleries, and may also engage in the restoration and preservation of these items.


Coins and Currency

Involves collecting coins, banknotes, and other forms of currency. Collectors in this field often focus on historical, geographical, or thematic aspects of money, learning about the economic history and cultural aspects of different nations. Activities can include attending numismatic conventions and joining collector societies.


Comics and Manga

Focused on collecting comic books and manga (Japanese comic books). Enthusiasts seek rare editions, follow specific authors or series, and often engage with the broader community through fan conventions and comic book clubs. This hobby also includes exploring the art and storytelling techniques used in comics and manga.



This sub-category focuses on philately, the collection and study of postage stamps. It includes gathering stamps from various countries, eras, and themes, as well as learning about their historical and cultural significance. Enthusiasts often participate in stamp clubs, attend exhibitions, and trade with other collectors globally.


Toys and Action Figures

Involves collecting toys, dolls, and action figures, often from specific franchises or historical periods. Collectors might focus on maintaining the condition of these items, seek limited edition releases, and participate in fan conventions. This hobby often overlaps with interests in movies, TV shows, and pop culture.


Trading Cards

Includes collecting cards from various series, such as sports, gaming, or fictional characters. Collectors often trade, buy, or sell cards to complete sets, and may participate in collector conventions or online communities. This hobby also involves learning about the rarity and value of different cards.


Vinyl Records

Centers on the collection of vinyl records, encompassing a range of music genres and artists. Vinyl enthusiasts appreciate the sound quality and artwork of records, and often engage in activities like attending record fairs, visiting vintage record stores, and joining vinyl listening clubs.


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