Games or activities that require planning, tactics, and often critical thinking to succeed or excel, like chess or strategic planning games.


Board Games

This sub-category includes strategy-focused board games like Risk, Settlers of Catan, or Carcassonne. These games require players to develop and adapt strategies in a competitive environment, often involving resource management, territorial control, and tactical decision-making. They are great for fostering strategic thinking and planning skills in a social setting.


Card Games

This sub-category includes strategic card games like Poker, Bridge, or Magic: The Gathering. These games combine elements of probability, psychology, and strategy, requiring players to make calculated decisions based on incomplete information. They are excellent for developing strategic thinking, risk assessment, and adaptability.



Chess is a classic strategy game that emphasizes critical thinking, foresight, and tactical maneuvers. Players must anticipate their opponent's moves and plan several steps ahead, making it an excellent tool for enhancing problem-solving and decision-making skills. The depth and complexity of chess strategy have been studied and appreciated for centuries.


Puzzle Strategy

This sub-category combines elements of puzzle-solving with strategic decision-making. Games in this category, like certain types of logic puzzles or strategy-based puzzle games, require players to think ahead, plan sequences of actions, and solve complex problems. They are excellent for enhancing cognitive skills and strategic thinking in a structured environment.


Simulation Games

Simulation games, like city builders or economic simulators, require players to create and manage systems such as cities, businesses, or ecosystems. These games demand strategic planning, long-term resource management, and adaptability to changing conditions. They are great for developing an understanding of complex systems and strategic thinking.


Turn Based

Turn-based strategy games, often found in video and computer games, require players to think and plan their moves within a defined turn structure. This format allows for deep strategic planning, resource management, and tactical execution. These games are excellent for developing patience, foresight, and complex strategic thinking.


War Games

War games involve simulation of military operations through board games, miniature wargaming, or computer games. They require strategic planning, resource allocation, and tactical execution, often within historical or fictional scenarios. These games provide a complex and detailed platform for studying and applying principles of military strategy and tactics.


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