Hobbies related to urban life and cityscapes, including urban gardening, street art, or urban exploration.



Urban cycling combines transportation, exercise, and the enjoyment of navigating the city landscape. It can vary from casual rides to more intense urban cycling experiences like fixed-gear riding or bike messenger services. This hobby encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle, urban exploration, and a deeper understanding of city infrastructure and culture.



Inline skating, or rollerblading, involves skating on shoes fitted with a line of wheels. It's a versatile activity that can be done for transportation, exercise, or performing tricks in urban skate parks. Inline skaters enjoy the speed and agility the sport offers, allowing for dynamic movement through cityscapes. It's also a great way to improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.



Longboarding is a form of skateboarding with longer and often wider boards, which makes it suitable for cruising, downhill racing, and even dance-like maneuvers. It's popular in urban areas for both commuting and recreation, offering a smooth and fluid riding experience. Longboarding enthusiasts often appreciate the blend of physical skill, balance, and the ability to navigate various urban terrains, from crowded streets to steep hills.



Parkour involves moving through urban environments in efficient and creative ways, typically by running, jumping, and climbing. It's a physical discipline that focuses on overcoming obstacles, both physical and mental. Parkour practitioners, known as traceurs, develop agility, strength, and spatial awareness, turning the city into a playground for physical expression and exploration.


Recycling Art

This involves creating art from recycled or repurposed materials found in the urban environment. Artists use items like discarded metal, plastic, or wood to create sculptures, installations, or functional art pieces. Recycling art not only promotes sustainability but also encourages a creative examination of everyday objects and their potential for transformation.



As both a hobby and a mode of transport, skateboarding is deeply intertwined with urban culture. It involves learning and performing tricks, often in urban settings like skate parks or street environments. Skateboarding is not just a physical activity but also a way to engage with and traverse the urban landscape, fostering a sense of community among its practitioners.


Street Art

This is the practice of creating visual art in public urban spaces. It includes graffiti, murals, stencil art, and installations. Street art is often seen as a form of expression and social commentary, offering a vibrant and dynamic way to engage with the urban landscape. It requires creativity, an understanding of public space dynamics, and often a message or story behind the artwork.


Urban Exploration

Also known as "urbex," this involves exploring man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the urban environment. It's about discovering the hidden or forgotten parts of the city, often involving photography and documentation. Urban exploration requires caution and respect for property and safety laws, but offers a unique perspective on urban life and history.


Urban Photography

This sub-category is about capturing the essence of city life through photography. It includes architectural photography, street photography, and capturing urban landscapes. Urban photography is not just about taking pictures; it's about telling stories, capturing moments, and portraying the unique character and rhythm of city life.


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