Efforts and activities focused on protecting natural environments, species, and resources, often involving activism, education, or volunteer work.


Environmental Education

Dedicated to teaching and spreading awareness about environmental issues, this sub-category involves organizing workshops, seminars, and educational programs. It targets various groups, from school children to adults, aiming to increase understanding of ecological issues and encourage proactive conservation efforts. Participants often engage in creating educational materials and conducting field trips.


Habitat Restoration

Focused on restoring and maintaining natural habitats, this sub-category involves activities such as reforestation, wetland restoration, and invasive species removal. Participants work to revive damaged ecosystems, ensuring they can sustain native flora and fauna. This can involve community-led projects and collaborations with environmental organizations.


Sustainable Living

This sub-category advocates for lifestyle choices and practices that reduce one's environmental impact. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from reducing waste and conserving water to adopting renewable energy sources and sustainable gardening practices. Enthusiasts often share knowledge and techniques to promote eco-friendly living within their communities.


Wildlife Protection

This sub-category is centered around activities and initiatives aimed at protecting wildlife and their habitats. It includes actions like participating in wildlife surveys, advocating for legal protection of endangered species, and volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation centers. Enthusiasts often engage in awareness campaigns and support conservation organizations.


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