Cars are a popular and important form of transportation. They are typically designed to seat four to five passengers and are most commonly used for personal transportation. Cars come in a variety of models and types including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. They not only reflect personal preferences and lifestyles but also serve functional purposes like commuting to work, transporting goods, or traveling long distances.


Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance involves regular upkeep and repair of vehicles. It's essential for those who want to understand how their vehicle works and ensure its longevity and safety. This hobby includes learning about different car systems, performing routine checks, diagnosing issues, and carrying out repairs and replacements, ranging from basic tasks like oil changes to more complex engine work.


Car Modifications

Car Modifications, or "modding," involves customizing cars to enhance their appearance, performance, or functionality. This can range from simple changes like installing new wheels to complex modifications like engine swaps or custom bodywork. It's a creative and technical hobby that allows enthusiasts to personalize their cars and often share their achievements with a like-minded community.


Car Restoration

Car Restoration focuses on the art of restoring old or classic cars to their original condition. It involves meticulous attention to detail, knowledge of historical models, and skills in areas like bodywork, painting, and engine repair. Enthusiasts often undertake restoration projects as a labor of love, reviving vintage cars and preserving automotive history.



This sub-category is for those interested in the performance aspect of automobiles. It includes participation in or following various forms of racing, such as drag racing, circuit racing, or rallying. It’s not just about the thrill of speed; it’s also about understanding vehicle dynamics, improving driving skills, and learning about race strategy and vehicle setup.


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