Involves creating representations of three-dimensional objects, either physically (like clay modeling) or digitally (like 3D modeling), or fashion modeling, presenting clothing and other fashion items.


Architectural Modeling

Architectural modeling involves creating physical or digital models of buildings and structures. This is a key part of the architectural design process, used for visualizing and presenting architectural concepts. It appeals to those interested in architecture, design, and spatial aesthetics.


Body Modeling

Body modeling focuses on the use of the human body as a canvas, such as in body painting or tattoo art. This form of modeling is unique for its blend of human form with artistic expression, and it's popular in the worlds of art, fashion, and entertainment.


Clay Modeling

Clay modeling is the art of shaping and sculpting figures and objects from clay. This tactile form of artistic expression allows for the creation of detailed and lifelike sculptures, ranging from miniature to life-sized works. It's a popular hobby for its therapeutic qualities and the satisfaction of creating three-dimensional art.


Miniature Modeling

Miniature modeling is the creation of small-scale figures and landscapes, often used in tabletop gaming, dioramas, or as collectibles. This sub-category combines artistry with storytelling, and is popular among hobbyists who enjoy detailed, imaginative work.


Prototype Modeling

This is the creation of initial models or versions of new products, often used in industrial design and engineering. Prototype modeling helps in visualizing and testing design concepts before full-scale production. It's ideal for those interested in the intersection of design, innovation, and functionality.


Scale Model Building

This hobby involves constructing replicas of vehicles, buildings, and other objects, usually to a smaller scale. Popular in the world of hobbyists, it includes models like ships, airplanes, and trains. This craft is appreciated for its precision, attention to detail, and the historical or technical learning it offers.


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