This sub-category encompasses the creation of art using various mediums like oil, watercolor, acrylic, and others on surfaces such as canvas, paper, or walls. It allows for a wide range of styles, from classical and realistic to abstract and modern. Painting is a popular hobby for its expressive potential and the satisfaction of creating visually stunning works.


Acrylic Painting

This subcategory focuses on painting using acrylic paints, a water-based, fast-drying paint medium. Acrylic painting is known for its vibrant colors, versatility, and durability. Many artists use it for its ability to mimic both oil and watercolor painting, and for its quick drying time that allows for layering and texture building.


Encaustic Painting

This subcategory covers encaustic painting, a technique that uses heated beeswax mixed with colored pigments. Encaustic painting is renowned for its luminous finish and rich textural qualities. It allows for multiple layers and embedment of materials.


Oil Painting

This subcategory explores the use of oil paints, a slow-drying paint medium made from pigment particles suspended in an oil, usually linseed. Oil painting is celebrated for its rich, luminous colors and its flexibility in creating both opaque and transparent effects. It's often used for its ability to produce a wide range of textures and techniques.


Tempera Painting

This subcategory focuses on the technique of tempera painting, which involves pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder material such as egg yolk. Tempera painting is known for its long-lasting, radiant color and was a primary method of painting until after the Renaissance when oil painting became more popular.


Watercolor Painting

This subcategory delves into the art of watercolor painting, which uses water-soluble pigments to create delicate and transparent layers of color. Watercolor painting is appreciated for its fluidity and unpredictability, often capturing light and atmosphere in a unique way.


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